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IronStem provides concierge consulting services in cannabis laboratory set-up. Drawing from nearly a decade of direct experience in cannabis analytics, within regulated ecosystems, IronStem brings a diversity of talent from a multi-state laboratory enterprise. Distinct from other consultant groups, IronStem has a direct partnerships with active, state licensed and accomplished cannabis testing providers. These unique relationships provide our clients with access to real-world, real-time testing laboratories and their trained professionals for consulting assistance ranging from R&D work pursuant to method validation to client staff hands-on, on-site training at a partner laboratory. IronStem is distinct from other consultant groups with an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience, expertise, and laboratory facility access.

What does this mean for your startup? It means IronStem can address, anticipate, organize and execute your cannabis lab startup more efficiently, with a shorter timeline, provide wrap-around and all inclusive type services, including on-site training, with a professional work product.

Services Offered:

Pro Forma Creation and Evaluation

Having successfully launched startup labs and witnessed their revenue generation in various US states, we possess a deep understanding of the financial demands and ongoing expenses involved in establishing and operating a cannabis lab. Our finance team has expertly crafted multiple cannabis lab proformas and annual budgets, enabling us to assist you in projecting the present and future financial requirements.

Buildout and Site-Readiness Specifications

Finding the right location and fitting it with the necessary electrical, ventilation, and separation of space is critical to long-term success. Permitting and licensing in the cannabis industry often makes relocation prohibitive. That's why starting off in the right facility, with ample room to grow, is crucial. However, striking the right balance between future needs and available startup resources can present an additional obstacle. Rest assured, we are here to provide the expertise and support you need to feel confident in your site selection and preparation.

Equipment Selection and Vendor Negotiations

The machines that analyze prepared samples, also known as "instruments" in the world of analytical chemistry, represent the largest capital costs for cannabis labs. With a wide range of instrument types required, we understand the challenge of sourcing them from only one or a handful of vendors. Fortunately, our dedicated team has established strong relationships with these instrument vendors, enabling us to access exclusive discounts below the list price. We do not receive any commission from the vendors. Instead, we leverage our extensive network of partner labs to negotiate the most competitive prices on behalf of our valued clients.

Validated Method Transfer

The success and reputation of a cannabis laboratory relies heavily on the effectiveness of its methods. In an industry where standardized methods are scarce, each lab is responsible for developing and implementing their own, and instrument vendor provided methods are often not fit for production purposes. During accreditation audits, these methods undergo intense scrutiny as they serve as the backbone of the lab's documentation. Moreover, they play a vital role in optimizing workflow and managing costs. Our methods have been pre-validated and successfully proven in various regulated states across the US. Additionally, we provide method transfer protocols that ensure seamless functionality on-site and withstand accreditor scrutiny.

Document Control and Backup Repository

Laboratory accreditation is primarily focused on thorough documentation. It encompasses not only the documentation of sample lifecycles, but also change controls, quality metrics, continuous monitoring, equipment maintenance, employee competency, client and vendor relationships, metrological traceability, measurement uncertainty, and much more. In today's digital world, it is crucial for such documentation to be electronic. IronStem provides you with not only the written procedures needed to comply but also a comprehensive document control system that saves you valuable time and offers unparalleled flexibility.

Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions

Humans are the laboratory's most valuable resource and largest variable cost. It is essential to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities to ensure efficient and effective task execution, as well as for strategic business planning. Allow us to provide you with comprehensive job descriptions and a well-defined hierarchy of roles, enabling you to grasp the necessary staffing requirements for starting and expanding your cannabis lab.

Employee Training and Competency

Training, demonstration of competency, and continuous improvement are vital for the success of both your employees and the laboratory. Our well-established training programs not only build the confidence and proficiency of your new team members, but also provide ample opportunities for their growth and advancement as they excel in their roles.

Safety Procedures

Ensuring safety is crucial for achieving success. By minimizing risks and fostering employee confidence in the workplace, you make a small investment that pays off in the long term. Our comprehensive documentation includes dedicated sections for safety and hygiene procedures, demonstrating our commitment to prioritizing safety at all times.

Laboratory Information Management

IronStem offers a comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), highly customizable and purpose built for the cannabis industry. Our LIMS provides a wide range of features, including seamless sample lifecycle logging, secure access protocols, automated nightly backups, integration with seed-to-sale systems, easy client access, customizable billing configurations for invoicing your customers, integration with accounting software, and so much more. Read more about our LIMSystem.

Accreditation Audit Readiness

Preparing for yearly accreditation audits is a continuous, year-round task for the laboratory. These on-site audits conducted by accrediting agencies can cause stress among staff members and pose risks to the business. Fortunately, our team of experienced quality experts alleviate these concerns. We offer a comprehensive internal audit in advance to anticipate any potential findings, provide on-site support to manage auditors during the process, and ensure that all auditor recommendations and improvement requirements are followed up on so your lab stays operational and in good standing with the accreditation body.

Operational Management Services

Managing your employees and processes represents a significant payroll expense. Our Management Services can help you reduce this fixed cost by providing a team of experienced executive managers. These costs are spread out over multiple labs in different states, allowing you to achieve operational efficiency while enjoying the benefits of a large and diverse management team. Instead of hiring your own team of senior chemists, lab directors, quality managers, and operational leaders, you can be part of a network of multi-state labs. You maintain ownership of the business and our assistance allows you to focus on sales and client relationships.

Brand and Consumer Insights

By offering unmatched data insights to your customers, your lab can gain a competitive advantage. Introducing the groundbreaking Strain Data Project by IronStem, we are reshaping the perception of cannabis products for both brands and consumers. Through the use of advanced statistics and simplified terminology, laboratory data is now an integral part of the retail conversation.