Manage your Team and your Data

IronStem offers a proprietary LIMSystem - the Conan Suite - that is composed of four components. All are cloud-based applications and directly interface with each other and with third-party apps via Application Programming Interface (API). Our LIMSystem is fully customizable and can be tailored to Client’s needs and is available as the Conan Suite or as individual applications. The applications supporting each component are hosted by IronStem, but can be served as subdomains of the Client’s URL, for example:,, or any subdomain names of Client’s choosing.

Superior in design and function, more comprehensive in its integration with peripheral devices and services, a better match to actual workflows, and with greater agility to adapt both through its native configuration modules and through client-driven feature requests.

  1. Conan - the core of the LIMSystem. All lab/science related concerns are handled by Conan.
    • Intake
    • Sample Preparation
    • Container Management
    • Sample photography
    • Sample labeling
    • Instrument batch creation
    • Instrument report extraction
    • Quality Assurance based on historical data
    • Test Method, Product Type, and Sample Type configuration.
    • … and much more.
  2. Bêlit (“BAY-lee”) - customer records interface. All business related concerns related to sample lifecycle are handled by Bêlit.
    • Customer demographics including license numbers, license types and physical addresses
    • Custom billing imperatives on a per-customer basis
    • Custom testing imperatives on a per-customer basis
    • Receipt of samples and ordering of tests
    • Invoice creation based on test selections
    • Final release of results to client via email and client portal
    • Integration with external CRM
    • Integration with Quickbooks
  3. Cert Generator
    • Customizable Certificates of Analysis (COAs) formatted and configured to client specifications.
    • Downloadable COAs hosted on the cloud.
    • .csv and .json versions of COAs available on the cloud for download and interoperability.
    • Lab-branded QR codes for COA sharing and interoperability.
  4. Customer Results Portal.
    • Individual logins for each customer
    • Customers manage their own users and user permissions
    • Customers manage their own licenses and license types
    • Tabulated view of results
    • Downloadable Certificates of Analysis (COAs)
    • Customizable COAs
    • Graphing packages and data insights
    • Downloadable results in .csv format